Macros I use

So I was raiding this week and had to make a few macros for taunting, and thought it was important to share, as it is an important part of raiding. I would like to go over every single macro command that I have used, but this week I am out of town and have no access to this. I will be going off of my head for these macros.

Focus macro:

/cast [@focus] taunt

If you are going to taunt for focus make sure you have the thing your taunting focused. If you forget like I do I use target macro.

Target macro:

/target enemy

/cast taunt


A lot of people don’t know about the target last target macro. Now if you want to announce that you are taunting the enemy you can add this line to the target macro after the cast while the enemy is still focused.

/s taunted %t

Now that we have this out of the way, I used to use clique for battle res and also for heroic Sha of Fear, but I have moved over to the mouseover macro as it is more convenient as I am not a healer.

Mouseover macro:

/cast [target=mouseover] raise ally

/run local n = UnitIsPlayer(“mouseover”) and UnitName(“mouseover”) if n then SendChatMessage(“Raise Ally cast on you!”,”WHISPER”,nil,n) end

There are many more macros that can be used to better your game play, like using trinkets together or any realm of possibility like modifying the focus macro to interrupt if the enemy exists.


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