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If you are a keyboard turner or just click on your cooldowns I would like to share my experience about key bindings and possibly help you. So I used to play on a laptop and I found it easiest to click on cooldowns and potions, but I eventually made the transition to a real keyboard and then a real desktop. I was in one of those places where I was applying to guilds and they asked me to talk about my key bindings. At the time I wasn’t a seasoned raider, so I didn’t have many key bindings, and that’s where I realized it needed to change. Fortunately I was accepted to a decent guild, which gave me an opportunity to jump into the raiding scene. Unfortunately I didn’t change my key bindings yet. While I was on trial I decided to change my key bindings, and I messed up horribly on heroic shannox who was a joke.

First lesson is when trying to make the transition to key bindings try to do it when there is downtime not on a Tuesday before raid where you can’t practice, additionally it would be best to switch while farming content and not actively progressing.

So I eventually got attuned to using my key bindings and while it felt uncomfortable it was better than clicking. The next thing to do, which I didn’t was make sure you use your mouse and bind the side buttons as modifier keys, such as alt and shift. A lot of key binding guides I have saw talk about replacing your asdw keys, which are movement keys and get rid of them all together. This is the next mistake I made, as I was tanking Ragnaros and could position him properly, without turning my back. Now if you feel more comfortable moving the asdw keys to sdfe keys instead this is a viable option, although I have played so many mmo’s that I am accustom to asdw and don’t feel comfortable changing as I tried it before.

The last thing that I want to mention is when switched to a Razer Naga I orientated my key binds to match up with the layout of the keyboard and it felt much more comfortable, I feel like if I didn’t have the Naga I would be helpless. I strongly recommend it.