So I didn’t have much to write about in this weeks rendition of my blog post so I decided that I could talk about and decided that something I could touch upon is how to speak up when making a raid call for an external cool down and what to properly say. This is one of the things I tried to work on during raid this week as it was something that caused a raid wipe the week before. First things first is coordinating with your other tanks what possible cool downs they will go after first and when will they need these cool downs. Another thing that is a must in a 25 man raid environment is to have an add-on which allows you to track which externals have been used and know which healer is healing. It isn’t productive if it says your healers external is off of cool down if they are on the bench. Next is the phonics that goes along with making a raid call.

For example calling out PAIN SUPPRESS ME I’M GONNA DIE, is not the ideal raid call. Concise raid calls are what best as it allows for the healers to react quicker and causes less confusion. When calling out the external you need always end with saying your name, it is a common occurrence for mumble to be hectic on some progression fights. Next use abbreviations, for the cool down you need, Pain suppression = ps Guardian spirit = gs so on so forth. Make sure you are calling out the healer in which you need the cool down from and start by saying their name make shortcuts in their name adellina is someones name in our guild we call him adel. In short if I need an external, I will look at my Hermes add-on and see who has an external available, then I see that pain suppression is available. I quickly call “adel PS cantoo.”

Sometimes it is a tricky place for tanks to preemptively call out externals like adel PS cantoo in 15, I always make sure if I have made a mistake or am missing a cool down for something I know I will die if I don’t call out for an external. So I will call out for an external, adel cantoo needs ps in 15, then I follow it up adel ps cantoo its not the easiest thing for healers to track time while healing as a tank its your job to make sure you help the healers out to the best of your abilities. As in the end this will help you.


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