Festerblight is a newer method for UH death knights. The first night I switched from a tank to a DPS I was reading up on what I needed to do to festerblight. I went to raid that night and did abysmal DPS as I didn’t understand and found no specific guides with explicit rules on what to do. In this post I will outline when and when not to use the festerblight method.

Festerblight works like this, strong diseases are applied as they snap shot stats and once strong diseases are applied you refresh using festerblight.

How to use:

Make sure you apply fresh diseases by using, (outbreak or plague strike.) don’t use unholy blight to apply diseases this as it keeps reapplying diseases every second for 10 seconds so this is not ideal as it might overwrite your diseases.

Festerblight does not apply new diseases and just adds time to the diseases.

When you have 3 of 4 conditions below, up at a given time, I tend to wait until everything lines up which is about a minute into the fight. Festerblight is not idea during lust, so off the pull lust I wait to apply my diseases when I have all 4 conditions lined up.

Trinket 1 Proc
Trinket 2 Proc
Rune of Fallen Crusader! Is virtually a must.
Strength Potion, I tend to use it if.


When the boss is almost dead and it isn’t worth spending the resources on festerblight.
Discontinuing festerblighting when you will defeat the boss within 30 seconds of your diseases falling off.

I recommend using Weakauras to track your trinket procs.
Also a addon called DKdiseases which will let you know when diseases are stronger or weaker than current diseases


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