Recount vs. Skada

One thing that I wanted to touch upon in recent days is the difference between skada and recount; two popular DPS meter addons, some people don’t understand the difference between the two so I am going to touch upon it.


Recount uses a method, which calculates damage done over the period of time that one is dealing damage.




Skada uses a method that calculates damage done over the course of a fight damaging the boss or not.




This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I was looking at a video the other day of a boss kill where people were commenting about how come, someone’s DPS was so low if they’re an Unholy DK. I didn’t say anything and considered them noobs as they didn’t know what they were looking at, I talked with some other people and I realized that it is a common misconception about how DPS meters work. This person in the video was fighting lei shen and the meter being used was recount. In the lei shen encounter the boss has two transition phases when damage from dots are still taken over the course of the transition. So this DK left their dots up and while everyone else was standing still and the meters stopped calculating DPS for the DK’s their dots continued to tick and lower there DPS on the meters. On recount this lowers the DPS as they aren’t actively attacking the boss during the period, vs. Skada where everyone’s DPS is dropping and DK’s are falling at a slower rate for doing damage. In this situation recount seems to be the lacking addon, but they both have their perks, as recount has better breakdown of abilities used and shows live graphs.


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