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Vengence change

In recent tanking news, @ghostcrawler tweeted that there will be a vengeance change in the future coming. The twitter post said that in 10 man vengeance will be capped at 30% of health and 25man capped at 50% of health, when he originally posted this people were outraged, and all he said was if you run the numbers then you will see that its not a big change. That’s exactly what I am going to break down today.

hp = health
vc= vengeance cap
dtps1 = damage taken per second (moving average)
dtps2 = damage taken per second (raw damage)
hp*.5= vc
vc*.98 = dtps1

For our purposes we don’t need dtps2, but I included it so you can get an idea of how it calculates, each n value dictates a second. Damage over 20 seconds divided by 20.

dtps1 = (dtps21 + dtps22….dtps219 + dtps220)/20

I tried posting this but couldn’t get subscript to work so its supposed to be dtps2 sub 1, so on and so forth.

Time to substitute in an HP value I will go with 800,000 as that is a viable number for when this change will go into effect.

800000*.5= vc
400000*.98 = dtps1
392000= dtps1

For vengeance cap to activate it would be at around 392000 damage taken per second over the 20 second period to activate the cap. Now remembering how vengeance works if you are hit for 100k 19 out of 20 seconds and then 1m (damage before being mitigated) for 1 second, this would change the moving average. The only times where vengeance would cap in the future are in situations where fights are being single tanked, specifically a hit to protection Paladins. Additionally other situations that this cap would have an effect are fights with moderate damage and then large hits that need large cooldowns.