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How to rank on Feng the Accursed

Feng the Accursed as we all know has two buffs that can benefit the tanks, the one that is necessary to get the best ranking is Shroud of Reversal, which allows the tank to copy any damaging ability by Feng then use it against himself.
I have three macro‘s setup to make it easy to cast the ability and allows me to focus on DPS and survivability while also being able to cast shroud of reversal instantaneous.

I recommend using Rolling Blood for this fight.

Here are my three macro’s:

Macro 1 casting the ability:
/target focus
/click ExtraActionButton1
/say Casting Shroud of Reversal

Macro 2 focus on tank:
/focus {your tank’s name here}
/say Focus on {your tank’s name here}

Macro 3 focus on soaker:
/focus {your soaker’s name here}
/say Focus on {your soaker’s name here}

Phase 1 Spirit of the Staff:

Now that we have the macro’s made we can analyze how we get the optimal DPS. We start the encounter by pulling the boss, you take the boss to the arcane totem which activates Spirit of the Staff make sure that your focus is set on the tank. Your other tank will taunt the boss to the middle or where your raid decides is best. Start by hitting the Shroud of Reversal macro but if you move it will be cancelled. You should be able to get the first Arcane Shock which is right when the other tank starts to get aggro, cast it on the boss using your ExtraActionButton or you could just use your macro again. I tend to use my key bind for the ExtraActionButton which I have bound to my Middle Mouse Click. After the first Arcane Velocity you will need to taunt the boss back you will have 10 seconds on cooldown. Take one stack then have the tank taunt back because his stacks are cleared by Nullification Barrier. After this tanking should be in sync with the cooldown and when your cooldown fades you will be able to channel the tank for one last arcane shock. In my guild we push after 3 phases so I only on a regular basis get off 3 Arcane Shocks on the boss. Depending on your guilds DPS you should be able to get anywhere between 2-4 Arcane Shocks off on the boss. Don’t use it under 83% to be safe, because for the next phase we need the Shroud of Reversal to be off of cooldown.

Phase 2 Spirit of the Fist:

When this phase starts make sure to switch your focus to your soaker using the macro linked above. Once this happens this phase is quite simple and for the most part your DPS will probably go down… Thats okay! Shroud of Reversal is needed to kill this boss! When the boss transitions by moving him closer to the totem around 75%, you will need to change focuses, switch focus to your soaker. Next is to understand the concept of how to interrupt Epicenter a channeled cast that will wipe the raid without Nullification Barrier which is not needed if RNG and Shroud of Reversal is used correctly. The Soaker will stand in the Lightning Fist ability which will cause them to get stunned, before this happens you need to cast Shroud of Reversal on them using the macro. This will allow you to stund Epicenter, but don’t be too quick because you need to save it until he casts the ability. Use your macro or your ExtraActionButton to cast the spell when he uses Epicenter! Communicate with your soaker on what the cooldown on Shroud is and wether they should soak the preceding ones or not. This is pretty much rinse and repeat. Sometimes the boss goes against his mechanics and will cast epicenter before Shroud is off of cooldown make sure that the tank with Nullification Barrier knows about this.

Phase 3 Spirit of the Shield:

Take the boss to the middle of the room, face him towards the outside and switch focus to the tank once more. The other tank will need to use Nullification Barrier to break the first shield. He will taunt the boss and you should again start to use your Shroud when ever it is off cooldown, to get Shadow Burn. When the other tank has two stacks you need to swap, at this time the add wave that needs to be killed will spawn, place a DnD and use your Blood Boil to spread your deseases if your specced into Rolling Blood. Repeat this process and make sure to use your Shroud off of cooldown. My guild usually has the DPS to have me get 4 Shadow Burns, yours could get between 3-6 depending on the DPS.

Phase 4 Spirit of the Spear:

This is the most simple part, depending on your cooldown and other factors like how many stacks your other tank has make a call on who will tank the boss first. Cast shroud of reversal frequently and you could get between 2-4 flaming spears on the boss.

A photo of my buff details:

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